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February Prayer Requests

Hello all actives and alumnae!

As we all enter into February, the National Board felt that we needed a place where all sisters could seek prayer throughout each month. Starting with this post we are going to release a monthly blog where anyone can place their prayer requests in the comments and know that their sisters will join them in bringing their request before the Lord.

The members of the National Board will be actively monitoring the comments throughout the month to make sure that every comment is met with prayer. Prayer requests of all kinds are welcome as we aim to be intentional in actively growing, encouraging, and equipping one another.

Please note that the comments underneath our blogs are not anonymous. If you have a prayer request that you would like shared but would like to remain anonymous, you are welcome to email and a post will be made sharing the request anonymously.

NOTE: If you have a friend who has not yet created an account or has not followed the steps found HERE and actively subscribed to the blog, please encourage them to do so as we will be sharing fun updates soon!

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