Hi pals! It is so exciting to get to connect with you here!

I'm Hannah Beth or HB! I am an alumna sister from our Beta Chapter at UF! I pledged in Fall 2016 (go omicron), served as a local officer in 2018, and loved every second of my time in Theta Alpha, which is why I now serve on the National Board as External Vice President! This is my first year in the position. During my time as a local chapter member, I also served as a worship chair and retreat chair!

My time in Theta Alpha was so rewarding and taught me how to intentionally have a relationship with our Lord Jesus, and I am so thankful for that opportunity to learn how to lean on Him (and lean on my Lovely fam jam). I am very invested in chapter establishment and chapter recruitment, so if you have any friends or young people you know who want to start a Theta Alpha chapter, send them my way 😉😉😉 I also help run the National Instagram @thetaalphanational, and would love to feature any alumnae or sisters! Please reach out to me so that we can talk about all the cool things you are up to!

I graduated from UF in 2020 with my BA in Spanish and my BS in Biology, and I'm currently working through my MS in Microbiology and Cell Sciences to graduate in 2022 (also at UF). When I'm not doing Theta Alpha things, I work as a Health Aide and nanny and love these jobs! My personal career goals are to go to medical school, and I am taking my time and applying to the Fall 2023 cycle! Currently, I live in Gainesville with my husband while we are waiting for law school applications for him! We go to Greenhouse Church mostly, but I'm also partial to GatorWesley and CityLight!

My favorite things are the Bachelor franchise (almost paradiseeeeeee), Disney World, and making Amazon purchases. I love cooking (I would LOVE to host a Theta Alpha cooking show for you all- it's my one dream). I also love plants and the balcony tomato bush that my husband keeps replacing for me when I kill them. And, as always, per Jillian Wrieden's request, my celebrity crush is the Chick-Fil-A cow.

I would love to be friends!!! Please give me a holler!

FB: Hannah Beth

Insta: @hannahsavitt

Jesus Loves You!!! #AsOneForONE

Bask in my Theta Alpha time glory below ↓ ↓ ↓

  • Beta Alumnae
    Sister was a graduate of the University of Florida chapter of Theta Alpha.
  • National Officer
    This sister is presently serving as an officer on the Theta Alpha national board.
  • Former Local Officer
    This sister previously served as an officer of her local chapter of Theta Alpha.
Hannah Beth Savitt (Harms)
Beta Alumnae
National Officer
Former Local Officer