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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Welcome to Theta Alpha online! It was time for a refresh to our website and we wanted to create a hub where prospective members could learn about us and where actives and alumnae could have access to resources and engage in community.

So you're an active/alumnae who just got their membership approved? WOOHOO!

Welcome! Thank you for your patience in waiting for your approval. One of your sisters is tasked with ensuring that every individual who signs up for account has a history with Theta Alpha and that can take some time!

Now that you've got your account approved, what do you do next? Here we will lead you through how to set up your account/profile so you can use the full capabilities of the website and show up on our Sister Search.


Now that you're a member you will see a bell icon at the top right of the menu as well as a downward pointing arrow next to the profile icon. Click the downward arrow and select "My Account".


Here you will be able to update your information with Nationals. Your display name is how it will be shown to your sisters in Sister Search. The information shown below will be shared with Nationals and can be shared with sisters depending on your preference. Please fill out all the information presented: Name, Email, Phone Number, Birthdate, Address, etc.

If you would like to change the privacy settings of any of the information you've entered all you need to do is click the lock icon or the globe icon and that will determine whether or not it is visible to others.

Depending on what status you selected when you created your account "Beta/Delta Active" or "Beta/Delta Alumnae" you will receive a badge designating you as such. This badge also determines whether or not you will receive a question on your account asking if you are a Former National Officer or a Current Local Officer.

This is so we can appropriately designate badges and honor our former leaders while also making it easy for us to know and support the ladies currently leading our sisterhood.

At the very end of your account page you will see two tabs that can be expanded. You have the ability to access your "Community Page URL" which you can send to a sister who may be having trouble finding your account on Sister Search.

**You will also find "Profile Visibility". This is VERY important. The default setting for your profile is PRIVATE. In order for you to appear in Sister Search and engage in groups you MUST click "Make Profile Public".**

Before moving on be sure to click "Update Info" to ensure that it's all saved properly.


On the left hand side of your account page you will find "Profile". Once you click on that you can update what is visible to other sisters visiting your page.

If you click on the circle above your display name you have the ability to update your profile photo. We suggest choosing a photo that is closer to your face so we can see who you are!

On this page you have the option to write some information about you for sisters to know!

We suggest sharing information such as your: Alma Mater, Pledge Class, Current City/State of Residence, Home Church, Occupation, Interests, etc.

The purpose of these profiles and Sister Search is to create opportunities for sisters both past and present to get to know each other, enhance lifelong sisterhood, foster community, and be resources for one another. With that in mind, we encourage you to share but of course any information you choose to share is up to you and your comfort level.

You also have the option to add photos and other media to your profile. Once you're finished, be sure to click "Publish"!

Underneath what you've written you'll find any badges associated with your account. Badges are assigned by Nationals when you create your account. For Active sisters who graduate and become Alumnae, please be patient in waiting for your badge to change. Your badge will be changed once we receive official notice of who from your graduating class has received Theta Alpha Alumnae status.

Beneath your badges you will see any of the account information that you chose to make public.


This last step is very important! Click on the "Settings" tab on the left hand side of your profile and click "Subscribe" next to blog subscription.

The best way to stay informed on what's happening within our sisterhood will be to subscribe to the blog. We will be using the internal blog to update you all on the latest Theta Alpha information and it will be a pivotal tool for our internal communications.


Your account is SET! Woo! Now you're free to roam the website, join groups, and connect with your sisters!

If any of your information changes please be sure to update your account so we have an accurate database of sisters at all times.

If you have any questions about the website please visit the FAQ found under the sisters tab. If you still can't find an answer to your question please email with "Web Inquiry" in your subject line.

When you join a group please be sure to follow the instructions in the "pinned" post in the group so you can control what notifications you get via the website and email!

Last but not least, for QUICK access to the website via your phone, visit the mobile webpage in safari, click the icon at the bottom of the screen with an arrow coming out of a square, scroll down until you see "Add to Home Screen", and now you've got it!


This website has been a dream and labor of love for many on the National Board. While we have brain stormed, reviewed, checked, and double checked, there may still be mistakes and delays in getting everyone's accounts set up properly. Please have grace as we transition to the new website and get everything functioning smoothly. We have many ideas of how this website can serve our sisterhood but can only do so many at one time. This website will constantly be changing, updating, and improving in ways that we hope serve our sisters and our mission. Keep your eyes peeled for any new updates along the way!

Thank you!

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Taylor Peak Buckel
Taylor Peak Buckel

Y’all this is absolutely incredible. Phenomenal job ladies, my hat is off to you!!


Summer Gonzalez (Hernandez)
Summer Gonzalez (Hernandez)

Can't wait for our sisters to connect in this new way!

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