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Juliana Hirn
Juliana Hirn

Delta Representative here! Mentorship network:

One of the tasks I wanted to implement as Chapter Representative was to establish a mentorship program within local sisters and alumnae. We launched this program earlier this year and had 7 pairs! This was excellent given the introduction of the program. The next “round” of mentorship will occur later this year, taken on by our IVP, Adrianna, as my term as chapter rep will conclude in September. Alum are welcomed to mentor other alum*

Committees and involvement:

Family tree:

We are excited to announce our first-ever alumnae committee!

We are wanting to finally see how all of our sisterhood is connected, from the start of Theta Alpha, to both Beta and Delta chapters and so forth. All sisters: PLEASE complete the first half of this form. Microsoft Forms

If you are wanting to be part of the committee itself, this is a perfect opportunity to serve the sisterhood as an alumna that is not just in a national board role. We are interested in breaking this larger project into smaller, multiple yet doable projects. The time commitment is minor. Also, you do not need to be in the state of Florida to do this. This would be a virtual opportunity. Please respond to the second half of this form if you are interested in participating in researching family lines (and have any of your friends or Theta Alpha researchers reach out to NAC to help).

Accountability groups (AG):

We had accountability groups while in Theta Alpha....Who said AGs had to stop after college? If you are interested in an accountability group at the alumnae level, please fill out this form. Microsoft Forms If you are interested in being part of a prayer committee at the alum level, please email by June 10th More details to follow as we understand engagement.

Virtual reunion:

Virtual meet up! If you are interested in a virtual “reunion” meet up of Delta alumnae, please fill out this form to determine availability and dates. This would occur between now but before Labor day weekend. Microsoft Forms

Social media:

If you have pictures of you and other sisters (i.e., bridesmaids at weddings, theme park trips, etc.) and want to have them featured on the @thetaalphanationals Instagram, please direct message the account and provide everyone’s Instagram handles and our EVP, Hannah Beth, will ask for permission to post them. Contact Hannah Beth on Instagram or email for more information.

Shout outs:

May is a busy month for lots of sisters! In the past, we have had several teachers, nurses, and starting to have more speech-language pathologists and social workers, and recently military spouses. With that being said:

  • Happy Nursing Week!

    • Thank you for being our everyday heroes!

  • Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!

    • Thank you for helping us speak and swallow better!

  • Happy end of the school year!

    • We are praying for you all as you end the school year with everything going on.

  • Happy Mother's Day!

    • We are thinking of you and your families, on earth and in Heaven.

  • May is Mental Health Awareness month and we wanted to remind everyone to reach out to a professional if you are struggling. There is no shame in doing so.

  • With Memorial Day approaching, we thank you for your service to our country.


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