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Hello Theta Alpha!

On behalf of the National Board, we hope that everyone has been enjoying their Fall season and is getting excited for the holidays! We have some exciting updates from the local chapters regarding our new sisters. Before that though, a couple of reminders/updates:


Interested in becoming a mentor?

In the Spring semester of 2022 the Theta Alpha National Board launched a test cycle of the Theta Alpha mentorship program. After a review of feedback from participants, analysis of other successful mentorship programs, deliberation, and prayer, we have decided to make mentorship available to sisters in a different way.

Moving forward, sisters interested in serving as mentors will fill out the form linked below. The form will begin with a brief presentation explaining the expectations of a mentor/mentee relationship with guidance and resources for biblical leadership in this capacity. This form will be available year-round for any alumnae to sign up to mentor as they feel led to. Once the form is received by Nationals, a profile for each mentor, using the information they submitted, will be added to a future Mentor Directory page on the Theta Alpha website. Mentors may also request to be removed from the directory at any time.

Sisters seeking out a mentor will have 24/7 access to this directory and will be able to request contact information to any specific mentor from Nationals via that page. Prior to the exchange of contact information, nationals will provide each prospective mentee with a similar presentation explaining the expectations of a mentor/mentee relationship so that both parties have been equipped for successful discipleship.

We are NOW accepting mentor submissions HERE:

The mentor directory will be made available to both actives AND alumnae at the start of the new year.


We've added a new document to the "Sorority Documents" page!

You can now access this living church directory where any sister logged into their account can visit and contribute. The hope for this document is for those who are comfortable with sharing, to share their home church so sisters are able to learn which churches they may want to visit and who they are able to connect with.

If you already have a home church, add it in! If you're looking for one, peruse and get plugged in!


New Pearls with Ruby Moms after Initiation!

Give a warm welcome to our newest Pearls!

  • Kennady

  • Milani

  • Kendall

  • Mistie

We are so thankful and excited to see how the Lord works through these beautiful girls!


Our beautiful new Pearls!

We are so blessed to have welcomed 10 new Pearls!

  • Lanie, uKnighted

  • Patricia, uKnighted

  • Sarah, LoH

  • Alexis, dysFUNctional

  • Emily, uKnighted

  • Sophia, Infinity

  • Lexi, LoH

  • Lily, LoH

  • Caroline, LoH

  • Cait, Infinity



Beta chapter alumna Emily P. (PC20) is currently serving as an Advanced English teacher in Grasse, France through the TAPIF program! She says, "I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do after graduation, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to take a year to figure things out, while also being able to teach English and travel throughout Europe! I've been teaching about America, especially Florida, Halloween traditions and American high school life so far." Emily's favorite part about France so far is the food- fresh baguettes, pain au chocolat, and all the cheese! Please join us in praying for Emily as she continues to be a light in France! She appreciates the support of her Theta Alpha sisters during this time.


  • Prayers for all of the new pearls and their new Theta Alpha families

  • Prayers for all of the sisters and families recovering from the impacts of Hurricane Ian

  • Prayers for the Florida Atlantic University students and our New Chapter Establishment committee as they work to bring Theta Alpha to this campus

  • Prayers for your local and national officers as they continue to lead Theta Alpha and seek out the Lord's wisdom in leadership

Want to submit Tulip Love or be featured under a Sister spotlight?


Stay tuned for more Theta Alpha updates and as always, keep reminding your sisters to create their accounts!

Thank you!

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