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NEW: Theta Alpha Mentorship Program (Jan-Jun '22)

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The National Board is thrilled to announce the introduction of the all new Theta Alpha mentorship program available to all Pearls!

What is the mentorship program?

The purpose of the program is to connect active Theta Alpha sisters and Alumnae for the purposes of spiritual and/or professional mentorship.

(Any pearl, both alumnae and active, can be a mentee. All we ask is that alumnae be the only ones to volunteer to be mentors!)

Alumnae interested in serving as a mentor will comment on this blog answering the following questions in the following format:


Type of mentorship: Spiritual discipleship, Professional, BOTH

State/Area of Residence:

Degree Obtained:

Field of Work:



Spiritual Gifts: (You can take the test here: )

Anything else to add: Ex. Interests, fun facts, etc!

How many mentees are you willing to accept [MAX 2]:

December 15th: The window for mentors to comment will close and potential mentees will be able to view all of the submissions.

December 16th: Mentees will be able to browse through mentor submissions and inform Nationals of their top two choices on the form found HERE:

Mentees will be able to choose for themselves who they feel would be the best fit mentor for them and the season of life they're in. Nationals will be making the official selections to ensure everyone can secure a match.

January 13th: Deadline for mentees to submit preference forms.

January 14th: An email will be sent out to both the mentor and mentee informing them of their pairing and providing contact information.

The mentorship period will officially be 6 months and then an open call for mentors will be made once again in June. Of course, any relationships made and mentorships fostered are welcome to continue past 6 months, but this is the length of time in which Theta Alpha will check in on the mentorship.

Officially, mentors and mentees are to check-in (ie. go on a coffee date, have a video call, phone call, etc.) on a monthly basis.

Please be prayerful in your consideration of whether or not to partake in the program. We look forward to hearing about all of the amazing relationships that stem from this initiative!


Q: Will nationals be pairing mentors and mentees?

A: Yes! To make sure that there's a mentor available for every interested mentee, matches will be made by Nationals using the preferences expressed by mentees on the form to be made available on December 16th.

If you do not get your first choice mentor you are still more than welcome to reach out to them independently! (Woo sisterhood!) Just look them up using the sister search and be mindful that they may not have the availability to mentor another sister but might be interested in a call or grabbing coffee!

Q: I want to be a mentor but I live super far away from the local chapters! Can I still submit myself?

A: ABSOLUTELY! There are sisters who may be interested in having a mentor who is available to connect through technology and doesn't necessarily need in-person meetings. We encourage you to apply regardless of your location of residence!

Q: Can I apply to be a mentor AND be a mentee?

A: Yes! You may submit yourself to be a mentor and see other mentor submissions that you feel you may benefit from a mentor/mentee relationship with. If this is you and you have the time to commit to both relationships then we encourage you to submit a preference form!

Q: I know a sister who would love this but she doesn't have an account on the website. How can she get involved?

A: Have her make an account :-)

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Rachel Arsenault
Rachel Arsenault
Dec 27, 2021

Name: Rachel Arsenault

Type of mentorship: Spiritual discipleship

State/Area of Residence: Orlando, Florida

Degree Obtained: Hospitality Management

Field of Work: Lodging

Occupation: Housekeeping Coordinator

Strengths: Creative, Loving, Great listener

Spiritual Gifts: Exhortation, Shepherding, Mercy Showing

Anything else to add: I love to craft and watch movies, I also have a fur baby

How many mentees are you willing to accept [MAX 2]: 1


Hannah Wade (Lutz)
Hannah Wade (Lutz)
Dec 16, 2021

Name: Hannah Wade

Type of mentorship: Professional

State/Area of Residence: Seattle, WA

Degree Obtained:

BS in Health Science

BS in Nursing

Obtaining a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Family Nurse Practitioner

Field of Work:





Grad student


Organization, leadership, service

Spiritual Gifts: Wisdom, service

Anything else to add: I enjoy baking, exercising, and exploring in my free time. My husband is active duty army (so we move a lot!) and we have a golden retriever named Charlie

How many mentees are you willing to accept [MAX 2]: 1

Replying to

Can I be Charlie's mentee


Name: Dallas Raymond

Type of mentorship: Spiritual discipleship

State/Area of Residence: Holiday, fl

Degree Obtained: AA chemistry forensics, AS Digital forensics and computer investigations, currently working on Masters of Divinity con christian education

Field of Work: Student/ Stay at home mom

Occupation: stay at home mom

Strengths: good listener, have been through lots of things between siblings with drugs to medical issues so can help people through that, great at computers and Biblical knowledge.

Spiritual Gifts: Serving, Faith, teaching

Anything else to add: Moving to Holiday first of year with my husband, son(6 months) and dog(black lab border collie mix). I play variety of instruments flute being main. I have 6 sisters and 1 brother along with 11 nephews and…


Jodi Nagel
Jodi Nagel
Dec 15, 2021

Name: Jodi Nagel (Arroyo)

Type of mentorship: Either or Both

State/Area of Residence: Gainesville, FL

Degree Obtained: BS Elementary Education, MS Curriculum & Instruction - Special Education and Trauma Informed Education

Field of Work: Education

Occupation: Special Education Teacher

Strengths: Passionate, dedicated, driven, honest, and accepting.

Spiritual Gifts: Shepherding, Exhortation, Showing Mercy

Anything else to add: I've been married for 8 years and have two little boys, aged 2 and 4. I love to cook and read! I'm a textbook Enneagram 3w2 and I love learning more about why we do the things we do. I have experience with overcoming significant obstacles/trauma by the Lord's mercies and would love to walk alongside someone who is looking for support. Open to…


Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith
Dec 14, 2021


Courtney Smith

Type of mentorship:


State/Area of Residence:

Ocala, Florida

Degrees Obtained:

B.A. in Women Studies

B.S. in Nursing

Field of Work:


Occupation: RN 💕🩺.

My background has always been in healthcare. I started my nursing career as a CNA in a nursing home / short term facility. From there I became a patient care tech at a local hospital. I floated to every unit during my 3 years. I currently work at UF Health Shands as a charge nurse taking care of a wide range of patients.

Strengths: Patient, honest, adaptable, and dedicated to finishing any project I start.

Spiritual Gifts: Shepherding, Administration, Mercy-Showing

Anything else to add:

  • When I’m not at work I’m usually off…

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