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Resources for a Christ-Centered Christmas | Bible studies, devotionals, gift ideas, and more!

Happy Advent Season, Friends!

As we approach Christmas, we take the time to reflect on the arrival of Christ and the significance of this season. As we enter this season, we encourage all our sisters to set apart time to connect with the Lord and center ourselves on Christ.

The holidays can be a joyous and gracious time. We also recognize they can be difficult and stressful for many. As we enter this season, there are many resources out there that can assist us with prioritizing time with the Lord.

Below are some incredible resources that you and/or your family can use or gift this Advent Season:

If you are considering ordering one of the below resources through Amazon and would like to have your contribution impact Theta Alpha, please consider shopping through our Amazon storefront linked here.


Bible Studies:

Family Resources:

Gift Lists:

365 Day Resources:

Free Resources:

If you are in need of free resources, please find some below:

Advent Reading Plans & Resources: The Bible App offers some great resources. Some even align with some of the resources listed above.

Free Long-Term Resources: If one of your goals next year is to stay in the Word daily, here are some incredible year-round resources that are available for free.

We pray all our sisters have a wonderful Christmas season. May we be reminded of the gracious gift the Lord has offered us through His salvation.

Have a happy holiday season!

- Theta Alpha Nationals

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