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Tulip Love is ONLINE!

Tulip love is going virtual!

If you're unfamiliar with the idea of Tulip Love, or need a refresher, Tulip Love is a way that active sisters are able to recognize one another and pass down a little love. Nationals is adopting the term and taking it online to be used by all Theta Alphas both active and alumnae.

Our hope is to continuously find new ways to aid our sisterhood and be a community that grows, encourages, and equips alongside one another. If you or a sister you know is in need of some encouragement, prayer (spoken or silent), or recognition, Tulip Love is the way to do it.

Linked HERE, you'll find a form that will permanently live on the website as a resource for sisters in their times of celebration and hardship.

If you have any suggestions for Tulip Love and how we can better this initiative please email

Thank you!

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Krystal Chico
Krystal Chico
May 10, 2022

So awesome to see this! Tulip Love was such a sweet part of chapter. Great to see we can adopt it on the National side!


Annaliesa Watters
Annaliesa Watters
May 01, 2022

We love Tulip Love!


YAY!! This is so exciting, can’t wait to celebrate and love on my sisters this way.

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