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Merch, LinkedIn, Groups, Resources + MORE | THETA ALPHA UPDATES

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Some of the National Board members at this summer's Strategic Leadership Conference!
Some of the National Board at this summer's Strategic Leadership Conference!

Hello from Theta Alpha and Happy First Day of Summer! We wanted to inform you of a couple of fun updates regarding our sisterhood and what's available to you.


We are super excited to {once again} offer our alumnae merch items!! Geneologie has come back with new management, lower prices, and faster production times! The reps have been great & we are very excited to offer these items to all of you!

Beta Alumna, Allie Wilson designed the t-shirts during her term as President and we are finally ready to start wearing them! We are also offering a newly designed crewneck sweatshirt! Proofs are attached!

To place your order, please visit the online store we have set up through Geneologie. The store will remain open until June 30th for your orders. Items purchased will be sent directly to you, simply add your address during checkout!

Light blue sweatshirt reading "Theta Alpha Alumna" in block letters.
Theta Alpha Alumna Sweatshirt
White shirt with black floral. Writing on shirt says Grow, Encourage, Equip Shirt.
Grow, Encourage, Equip Shirt.

Items available & prices:

T-shirt: $22 Crewneck Sweatshirt: $29 Bundle featuring both items: $35 Shipping is included in these prices!

Each item has a 36-order minimum. In the event we do not meet that number for the individual item, the price would increase a little bit. So, share with your friends and get some awesome Theta Alpha Alumnae exclusive gear!!!


Theta Alpha now has an official LinkedIN business page! The national board wanted to create a way for sisters to connect on a professional level, and a way to honor/recognize the contributions that each one of you have made towards bringing Theta Alpha to where it is today. Anyone can make themselves an "employee" (for lack of better terms on behalf of LinkedIn) of Theta Alpha and add past or present involvement to their profile.

Whether you're an active member, active alumnae, chair, local officer, or national board member, we encourage you to add Theta Alpha to your LinkedIn pages. If you check off "I am currently working in this role" you will appear under the "People" tab on the Theta Alpha page.

Example of what this could look like on your page:

Example image of what the inclusion of Theta Alpha on one's LinkedIn profile could look like.

We suggest checking back at the "People" tab in a couple of weeks when other actives/alumnae have updated their profiles to see who may be in a similar industry as you and be a potential connection!

Click here to visit the official Theta Alpha LinkedIN page:


We've added new groups to the Theta Alpha "Connect" page!

You can now add yourself to the following groups:

  • Mom's of Theta Alpha

  • Theta Alpha Weddings

  • Small Business Owners

If you would like to recommend a group to be added to the website please submit your idea here:


We've added a new document to the "Sorority Documents" page!

You can now access this living church directory where any sister logged into their account can visit and contribute. The hope for this document is for those who are comfortable with sharing, to share their home church so sisters are able to learn which churches they may want to visit and who they are able to connect with.

If you already have a home church, add it in! If you're looking for one, peruse and get plugged in!


A new page has been added to the "Sisters" Dropdown called "Resources".

This page will be a collection of resources to help sisters grow in their walks with the Lord and equip them for their mission in the world.

If you have any recommendations for resources to be included please send a list with links to

Disclaimer: The links made available on this particular website page ARE AFFILIATE LINKS. This means that Theta Alpha Nationals will receive a commission for any purchase made through those links.

Any funds collected will be used to support the Golden Tulip scholarship.


We have begun acceptation nominations for the role of Beta Representative.

The last day to nominate a sister is July 3rd.

Visit this link to learn more:


The national board is working on a regular newsletter that will be released via the new "Communications" page on this website. This page was previously named "Blog". Be sure that you're subscribed to receive email notifications when a new post is uploaded.

If you've subscribed and still aren't receiving communications, please email

The first of these newsletters will be released in late August. Along with local and national updates, all Tulip love that has been submitted and permitted for sharing via the Tulip Love form will be included.


That's all, folks!

Thank you for sticking with us through the long list of updates! We hope you're excited to engage with these new offerings.

Stay tuned for more Theta Alpha updates and as always, keep reminding your sisters to create their accounts.

Thank you!

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